About Us

Founder & Visionaire


Mt Zion Radio started back in August, 2020. It has steadily grown from a humble beginning, and still destined to greater heights. We are based and broadcast live from Ongata Rongai, Kenya, using online radio platforms. It's a Christian radio ministry.

Our Story

To ignite the hunger for Christ. Share the Word without compromise. Promote fellowship amongst believers.

Our Objective

To give positive, informative and entertaining programs, based on the Word of God with a contemporary and international touch.

Our Mission

To reach out mainly the youth, and others from all walks of life, to bring them 'Back to God'.

Our Vision

Our Principles

We provide faith-based programs that inspire and uplift our listeners, helping them grow in their relationship with God.

Positive Entertainment

Youth Empowerment

Faith-based Programming

We focus on empowering the youth by providing them with relevant content and resources that address their unique challenges and aspirations.

We offer entertaining programs and music that minister, and are positive and uplifting, creating a joyful and inspiring listening experience for our audience.